2.4 DPWK Token
The economic model of DPWK token is as follows, and may change into more economic models in other games. The constant function of the DPWK token is that only a limited number of players can be the master of the entire DPWK platform in the future by obtaining DPWK tokens. and the more players who contribute to every aspect of the game, the more DPWK tokens they will have the right to get. Meanwhile, DPWK platform also allows all players to obtain DPWK tokens through DeFi and staking.
DPWK main output channels:
  1. 1.
    Planetary exploration
  2. 2.
    Contribution ranking
  3. 3.
    DeFi and staking
  4. 4.
    Multiple game PVP ranking
Main usage scenarios of DPWK token:
  1. 1.
    After listed on PancakeSwap, reproduction needs to consume DPWK tokens
  2. 2.
    Planet construction requires a lot of resources to upgrade, which needs to consume a certain amount of DPWK tokens to obtain.
  3. 3.
    Participating in annual treasure fund rewards requires holding DPWK token for one year.
  4. 4.
    Participating in DeFi liquidity mining and DPWK staking mining requires a large amount of DPWK tokens.
  5. 5.
    Participating in DAO governance requires DPWK tokens to obtain voting rights.
  6. 6.
    More usage scenarios in virtual communities and games will be designed.
DPWK token is the governance voucher of the DAO governance. In the future, all resolution on the DPWK platform will be determined by some of the people who hold the most DPWK tokens by the way of dynamic voting. DPWK token is also a bearer certificate which can obtain sustainable benefits from the future platform. Each acquisition of DPWK token represents a contribution to both the entire DPWK system and all the users. For a long period of time, 50 percents of the transaction gas fee will be put into the public treasure fund pool to reward users who hold DPWK tokens for a long time every year. As transaction volume increases, the overall gas fee increases, further increasing the proportion of gas fee in the treasure fund pool.
Total DPWK token amount: 100 million 50%: P2E+DeFi output (Main address: 0xe2feeE831aEeE5469bEaEfC02aB3C5E8186E24Cc; temporary address: 0xf070BC44F7776786C2768617f90E5C867953B9FF)
10%: DPWK Team
(lock-up for 1 year and releasing in 10 months. It has been sent into the lock-up contract: 0x4a0a5847c3b4f25ea9d076db19458e7eb423e230. The first release time is 2022/12/21)
10%: Consultant
(with 1% has been released, and the remaining 9% lock-up for 3 months and releasing in 20 months, and has been sent into the lock-up contract: 0x4a0a5847c3b4f25ea9d076db19458e7eb423e230. Next release time: 2022/3/21)
15%: Market
(release in 22 months, with 1.5% has been released, where 1.25% is used for adding liquidity in PancakeSwap, and the remaining 13.5% has been sent into the lock-up contract: 0x4a0a5847c3b4f25ea9d076db19458e7eb423e230 and releasing in 20 months. Next release time 2022/2/21)
15%: Total Fundraising (seed, private, public)
3%: Seed sale lock-up for 6 months and then release for 10 months , address: 0xdeC0A3fe6f90e749512AbFBd1c84A9410df68D2c
10.5%: Private sale lock-up for 3 months and then release for 10 months, address: 0xef13902667F57633a0e899d767F2b20eb235B47c
1.5%: Public sale *All DPWK token purchased from IDO platforms are released in 3 months
TGE: 40% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00
Jan 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00
Feb 21st: 30% Withdrawal time: UTC 16:00
IDO address: 0x78829cE8fec30104C7296c74D3b9d1060e3c7717
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